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abadu44 studio
nevadacrafter nevada Fallon artist crafter
Nevada, United States
I have lived in the desert almost all my life and I've traveled to many other places. But the oasis of Nevada always seems to bring me home. Most people that come here say it is a dry and lifeless place . But I know that's not true and most people simply do not see what I see. Married for 25 years to my soul mate with two kids who I hope will follow there own dreams.I am a somewhat eclectic artist delving into various mediums, from photography to computer graphics from sketching to sculpting. My passion is to see what others do not and to bring to life what most people do not see. The world is not what we think it is and often we do not see anything other than what we want to see. I have spent a lot of time doing photo restoration and love looking at old photos from the 40's and 50's. The abadu44 name comes from the love of photo restoration and turning bad photos into good.
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